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Court Dismisses Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Jim Carrey


Court Dismisses Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Jim Carrey

Yes, Jim Carrey will no longer have to face a civil trial over his girlfriend, Cathriona White’s death. Jim Carrey’s wrongful death lawsuit over Cathriona White has been dismissed by the court.

You’re right. Jim Carrey, the famous Canadian-born actor, producer, famous for his flexible facial expressions and rubbery body movements. Two-time winner of the Golden Globe Award who rose to fame as a cast member in In Living Color (1990).

A drug overdose caused Cathriona White’s death in 2015. Her death was initially ruled as a suicide by officials. Later on, one year after Cathriona’s death, her family filed a case against Jim Carrey, Cathriona’s boyfriend, claiming that he is responsible for Cathriona’s death as he used to illegally obtain prescription drugs for Cathriona under a fake name.

Since then, Jim Carrey lived a solitary life being a recluse. His fans feared he had died after the wrongful death legal case. Fans of this star have taken to Twitter and other social forums to ask if their comic hero is alive and whether they will watch him again on the big screens of comedy. Fans have been begging for the comeback of their hero to the big screens. Avoiding the focus of public attention in recent years, Jim has been fighting a series of cases.

Yoo-hoo. Charges have been removed against the comedian that claimed he was somehow responsible and may have contributed to Cathriona White’s death. A judge released charges and sensationally dismissed the case against him. The attorney representing Cathriona’s loved ones adds, “The family is pleased the case has been resolved.”

So this is what Jim has been up to in recent years and what he is doing next…


The Mask


It’s party time! P-a-r-t—y? Because I gotta! Of course, the very first. One of the blockbusters that greatly helped Jim earn fame and attention, directed by Charles Russell and produced by Bob Engelman.



Ace Ventura

If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer. A 1994 American Comedy film directed by Tom Shadyac. Jim is also famous as the Ace Ventura star just because of this blockbuster film.




An upcoming TV series in 2018 having ten half-hour episodes, starring Jim Carrey as the leading role. Catherine Keener and Frank Langella will also be seen along with Jim Carrey in the upcoming TV series.

Dark Crimes

Jim’s upcoming movie with a changed title from True Crimes to Dark Crimes, scheduled to release in April this year, with a leading role of Jim Carrey and supporting roles of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Agata Kulesza.


Wait wait! Now that charges have been released against Jim Carrey, the most interesting thing to wait is how Jim Carrey comes back to the big screens. After being a recluse for a long period of time, will Jim Carrey be able to bring his old days and came back? Is Jim Carrey still alive in the hearts of his fans? Are Jim’s fans going to give him the same respect and love after what he has gone through in the recent years? These questions arise in everyone’s mind who knows Jim. What are your opinions about this? Share your thoughts…


Last but not least! Where was Jim Carrey in the days he was recluse? What was the reason Jim accepted being recluse for days? What is the reason Jim was avoiding public attention? Does this make Jim Carrey questionable?


Well, I am super excited about what’s going to happen with the comeback of Jim Carrey to his normal life and to the big screens. I think we’ll bring the facts out and will be publishing them some other time at the end of the year. See you.

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