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Matt Lauer Kicked Out of Family’s Hamptons Home by His Wife

Matt Lauer with his wife Annette Roque


Matt Lauer Kicked Out of Family’s Hamptons Home by His Wife

Dishonored anchor Matt Lauer’s wife kicks him out of his $36 million worth home. This move comes weeks after miscellaneous women came forward with statements claiming that Lauer had an inappropriate sexual behavior with them.

Short Introduction

Hey, come let’s take a look at who and what Matt Lauer is…

Matthew Todd Lauer, is an American television journalist and co-host of Today, an American talk show, from 1997 to 2017. Lauer has served as a co-host in several opening ceremonies of Olympic Games. Most significantly, he has hosted the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with NBC, National Broadcasting Company. Lauer has worked in several films and had a guest appearance on a live episode of Will and Grace in 2006 too.

Before his wife Annette Roque had kicked him out of his home, NBC did this job first. NBC kicked him out on the 29th of November 2017. A female NBC employee accused that Matt Lauer has been sexually harassing her since the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. And it continued after they returned back to New York. She further added that Lauer had sexually harassed her during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. Chairman of NBC News, Andrew Lack, sent a message to his staff. The message was describing that a female employee has complained us about the inappropriate sexual behavior of Matt Lauer with her. And has also provided with the reasons and evidence to believe that this isn’t a self-made story against Matt Lauer. His contracts were canceled and the network decided not to provide any kind of settlement because he was fired ‘for cause’.

He was being paid about $20 million a year. Later on, Lauer released a statement apologizing for his actions after being kicked out from NBC, . He added, “Some of what is being told about me is false and wrong. But there is enough more truth in the stories that make me feel ashamed and guilty for my actions”. He said he was ‘truly sorry’.

Not finished yet. A number of other women got courage and came forward after Lauer was fired from NBC. They were all claiming that Lauer used to sexually harass them too. Many women feared that turning down Lauer’s advancements would have hurt their career. This discouraged them from coming forward to speak against him.Matt Lauer hosting Today at NBC

Just a few weeks back, Lauer’s former co-host came forward and told about her days in NBC. She claimed that there was an informal environment of verbal sexual harassment on the morning show on NBC.

Finally, when Annette Roque could no more bear these claims made by different women against her husband, she took the big decision and kicked him out of his home. A source close to the family told that Lauer was living nearby in a home so that he can be able to be in touch with his two kids who still live at home.

People who love Matt Lauer are devastated. I do not know more than what I just shared with you. Many many people worldwide love him for his outstanding hosting skills.

The Crispy Gossip

But this shameful act dishonored and disgraced him. Huh! He is responsible himself for what he is facing. Did he use to feel satisfied and comfortable behaving in such a manner with no other but his own colleagues and co-hosts? Such a shameful act by him! I admire the brave NBC employee who came forward to tell her story.

Don’t shut your mouth against wrong. Shout out loud against what is wrong. Wrong is wrong!!!

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