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Stars publicly admitted to cheating on wives


Stars publicly admitted to cheating on wives

“A sword cannot be blamed”, so the star men who once fell for treason as their faithful thought, and kneeling (figuratively, of course!), With a tear in their eyes and a slightly trembling voice, they publicly repented and apologized.

Justin Timberlake

January 31, the famous musician and singer turn 39 years old. on his birthday he will have to hiccup more than once, recalling the unpleasant events of the recent past. Pretty actress Alisha Wainwright, with whom he starred in the movie “Palmer,” suddenly became the subject of adoration for the star man. In the past year, Justin had a fun evening with her in one of the New Orleans bars. And although Timberlake swore to his wife – Jessica Bill, that he had nothing with Alisha, there was a threat of divorce. At the insistence of his wife, Justin publicly apologized on the social network: “I apologize to my wonderful wife and my whole family for putting everyone in such an awkward situation. I will continue to try to be a better husband and father. ”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Iron Arnie” – the future governor of California always wanted to be closer to ordinary people. True, Schwarzenegger went too far in this desire. Housekeeper Mildred Baena liked the star actor so much that he twisted a stormy romance with her in the walls of his own mansion. About a close relationship with the housekeeper of the wife of Arnie – Maria Shriver and did not know. Until Mildred had a son, Joseph, who looked a lot like Schwarzenegger. And over the years, this similarity has only increased. Arnie, with a sigh in his heart, soon recognizes his son. But this will happen before the divorce from Mary before he leaves the post of governor. In the therapist’s office, where his wife, to put it mildly, will drag him, Arnold honestly tells about what he had done. Schwarzenegger’s book “Remember Everything” will also serve as a kind of belated public repentance before Mary and the children.

Jay Z

Jay Z and Beyonce were considered an exemplary couple, advocating for a strong family, which is unknown to betrayal and betrayal. The idyll of relations was nearly destroyed two years ago. Apparently, a wave of belated remorse swept over the famous rapper, and he publicly admitted to Beyoncé that he was unfaithful to her. However, for a cult singer, this was not new. She knew about her husband’s adventures and about her feelings regarding the betrayal of a loved one, she spoke in an unusual, creative manner, releasing another album. Jay Z did the same, conveying his regret and remorse for the wrongdoings in the same way. It is curious that he did not give out the names of women with whom he had a love affair.

Jesse james

Jesse James is a well-known TV presenter and motorcycle manufacturer, along with the husband of the Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock, like cheese in butter rolling under the watchful care and care of a loving star woman. However, he did not forget to terribly envy her creative successes – to change Sandra from the right and left. When Michelle McGee, a tattoo model, came to his office to urge employment, Jesse, without delaying everything, immediately started a fanatical affair together with her. In the absence of Sandra, he met for almost a year in his wife’s house with his mistress. Until the long tongue of the tattooed model started and told the entire world about the small print of her relationship with James . After the divorce, he admitted to reporters: “Yes, I lied to my wife. He took responsibility and apologized. This is the end of the story. ”

Jude Law

Jude Law, having won the habit of the model, Sienna Miller, habitually, seriously thought about a new life, where he saw only this girl as his faithful companion. And Sienna herself deeply believed in a happy future with a handsome star. However, all hope was dispelled by the loving Jude. For no reason, for nothing – he crushes on the nanny of his children – sweet girl Daisy Wright. Under the pressure of an enthralling macho, she couldn’t resist and behind the rear of Sienna Miller, of course, there have been events that plunged the actress into horror. Of course, happy with Jude Daisy, she could not help telling the whole world about her romance with him. Now there was no doubt of any wedding: the sobbing and offended Sienna closed herself and took off the ring that Lowe had presented. Then Jude, with a guilty face and tearful eyes, apologized in public to his girlfriend, her parents.

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