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Costa Rica celebrates first same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage


Costa Rica celebrates first same-sex marriage

Costa Rica gave the go-ahead to same-sex marriages on Tuesday, making it the primary country in Central America to try to so after a landmark court ruling came into effect in the dark night.

This wedding ceremony was shown on National TV.

The law change meant Costa Rica now recognized the rights lesbian and gay people had always deserved.

Costa Rica celebrates first same-sex weddings

Costa Rica, Enrique Sánchez celebrates first same-sex weddings

The first couple ceremony was broadcast because of the culmination of a three-hour program celebrating marriage equality.

15 часов назад TheHill Costa Rica becomes first country in Central America

Marriage equality happened after the constitutional court declared in August 2018 that a ban on same-sex weddings was unconstitutional and discriminatory.

The court gave Costa Rica’s parliament 18 months to vary the law.

Enrique Sánchez, Costa Rica’s first openly gay member of parliament, welcomed the change and praised those that had spent years lobbying for the couple ban to be lifted.

Same-sex marriage is already possible in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, and some parts of Mexico, but Costa Rica is the first country in Central America to allow it.

If you want to the same-sex marriage like this you should need to above countries to fulfill your desires :).

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